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Who We are

Africa Pure Gold Mining is a leading industry provider with nearly a decade of experience in precious metal assaying, refining, and bullion products. Combining precision, quality, and innovation, the company boasts a team of skilled artisans, scientists, and industry experts with over 40 years of collective expertise. This foundation has earned them a trusted reputation among top industry names worldwide.

What we provide

Africa Pure Gold Mining is a renowned industry leader, combining almost a decade of experience with cutting-edge innovation to establish ourselves as the foremost provider of precious metal assaying, refining, and bullion products worldwide.


At Africa Pure Gold Mining, we believe in the pursuit of perfection. As a shining beacon in the precious metals industry, we uphold the highest standards of quality and precision. Our expert craftsmen and scientists have honed the age-old practices of assaying and forging precious metals to an unparalleled level of mastery. This unwavering dedication to excellence has earned us a multitude of honors, certifications, and accreditations from esteemed industry organizations.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our main objective is to build lasting relationships with clients through a trusted and precise on-ramp to the global precious metal supply chain. Recognizing the crucial role of trust in our industry, we go above and beyond to consistently provide unwavering integrity in all our transactions.


While our operations span across six countries, our commitment to providing exceptional service knows no borders. With refineries in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo, Sudan, and South Sudan, we ensure timely and affordable precious metals processing to clients worldwide. Our global reach is complemented by a personal touch, as we aim to foster genuine connections with each and every client, regardless of their location.

Let's Meet Mr. Robert

The Founder of Africa Pure Gold Mining

Mr. Robert is a key figure at Africa Pure Gold Mining, known for his expertise and dedication to the gold mining industry. With a wealth of experience in mining operations, he has been instrumental in leading the company’s efforts in sourcing and refining gold from various African countries. His commitment to ethical practices and high standards of craftsmanship ensures that Africa Pure Gold Mining delivers the finest quality gold to its clients. Mr. Robert’s leadership and vision continue to drive the company towards excellence and growth in the global market.